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Manos House is a residential treatment program for adolescent males, which provides an array of counseling services in a safe and supportive environment. Our goal is to create a positive atmosphere and motivation for our clients to change their life direction.

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Manos House changes lives through the development of supportive relationships, embracing of truth, and granting of opportunities to young men in our care for treatment of substance use disorder.

Support from members of our community (like you!) is essential to us being able to offer a key aspect of that care: providing the means for our clients to undergo their treatment without setting back progress on their high school education. Prospect Grove High School (PGHS), our on-campus school licensed by the PA Department of Education, operates year-round so that clients may continue their education without interruption, allowing them to either earn a PGHS diploma, GED, or to re-enter their home school district without getting behind their peers.

During the summer months, when public school districts aren't in session -- and thereby unable to provide tuition assistance to their students in our care -- Manos House depends on direct donations to staff PGHS and keep its operations running.

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