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Stories of lives changed.

Change that lasts is change that is internal.

Hear from some young men who were brave enough to embrace change - and discover the truth that we can all be transformed as well as help change lives around us.

"I was ready to give up... then I was sent to Manos House. It changed my life."

"I finally decided to listen and believe..."

When I finally decided to listen and believe that everyone actually wanted what was best for me, then I began to see that I actually could be something other than a failure. It was then I began to change.
- Jon C.

"I took back control instead of making excuses."

Earning my diploma was a life-long dream. After finally earning my high school diploma, I was able to find a good job and take back control of my life instead of making excuses for myself.
- Steve B.

"Manos brought me - and my family - back."

I came to Manos House as a pretty messed up guy. I left knowing that I could be successful, enrolled in College and with the support of my family – who I thought I had lost forever. Manos brought my family back.
- Ryan B.

"It takes a village... and manos was our village."

I can’t thank you enough for caring. It’s so hard, as a parent, to feel so completely helpless. I guess that’s why they say it takes a village. I never dreamed that the staff (You, Chris Long and Krista) at Manos would be our village. May God bless you in every endeavor.
- Emily (Parent)

Student work

Sample work from some clients in our leadership program